Summer Vacation 2015 Begins…

Today marks the first day of my 2015 Summer vacation.  I have not had any significant time off since summer vacation last year when we went to California.

I had originally planned this incredible journey through the Rocky Mountains, then East of Calgary through Kananaskis country into Glacier National park.  Montana and Wyoming were originally part of the trip, having planned Beartooth Pass and Yellowstone as part of the adventure.  That was altered after my wife was simply not comfortable being on the bike continuously for twelve or so days.  We cut it back to nine days and incorporated the Kootenays in British Columbia which as some of the best motorcycle roads.  So, we were all set.  Ready to go and looking forward to it… well that was until everything changed, again.

My wife has been going back to University to obtain her certification as a Career Development Practitioner.  She is an exceptional woman and second best is never good enough for her.  She did marry me after all.  Well, through this whole process she so impressed her practicum employer that she was offered a job.  Never one to question opportunities, I encouraged her to take the position which she was thrilled to do.  That came though with the consequence that she no longer could go away for vacation.

So, I am now once again altering my plans.  I am no longer doing Kananaskis country or Glacier.  I am going for five days with friends and riding through central Washington and the Kootenays.

I’ll try to provide updates for each day.

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I’m a technology professional in the travel and transportation sector and have been very involved with the Internet for over 20 years.