A New Found Passion Returns From the Past!

In my earlier post, I mentioned that I had recently bought myself a motorbike.  Let me say that it’s been a long time since I owned a motorbike.  In my life, I have had five motorbikes, including this one.  I started riding when I was nine years in grade four.  I didn’t own a bike then, rather my best friend at the time let me take turns riding his.  We lived in a very rural area of Southern Alberta at that time and there were so many trails and fields to explore.  My love of riding got its’ start.

My family moved to Victoria, BC when I was eleven and I have to reflect, that at the time, I was devastated.  I had to leave my friends and everything I knew to venture into a new territory and hopefully make new friends.  By the time we moved to our temporary home that we were renting (my father was building our permanent home), I entered grade six at a new school and completely without a friend in the world.  I met my first, new friend two doors down from the home we were renting and as luck would have it… he owned a motorbike!  His father took us out many times with his truck and trailer and we rode and rode.  Less than a year passed and we packed and had to move to our new, permanent home.  This meant yet another new school and having to meet and make new friends.

I entered Grade seven again coming to a new school with lots of curious faces wondering who I was.  Within a week, I had met two friends that also didn’t live too far away from me.  This was the year that I got my first motorbike – a Yamaha 80CC Enduro.  I rode this bike on countless trails almost every day.  A group of us were able to get permission to ride at a gravel pit that was close to the school we went to in Grade eight.  What a blast that was.  I soon upgraded to a Honda 125CC trail bike, then to a Honda CB750 and in 1985 to a Honda Goldwing GL1000.

I sold the GoldWing in 1995 as life was just too crazy at that time. I was well on my career path, my kids were young and in school and I just didn’t have time anymore.

Well finally, after eighteen years, and after much pleading and selling to my wife, I found my new baby – a 1999 Honda Valkyrie Interstate.  She is a beautiful bike and even my wife Michaela has warmed up to her.  We went from my wife saying a year ago that she would never get on a motorbike to her now saying that she loves it – although there are times when she still is quite cautious.IMG_0078 - Version 2

IMG_0077 IMG_0075 - Version 2

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