TELUS vs. Shaw – Two Years Later

Let me just start by saying that the war is indeed on between TELUS and Shaw.  If you read my previous articles on this topic, you know that I was a long time customer of Shaw cable.  When TELUS came out with their Optik service two and a half years ago, I decided to switch.  I switched for a number of reasons – mostly because at the time, Shaw was not willing to be competitive to the new threat in their market.

I got a great deal from TELUS and made the choice to cancel my Shaw service.  It was only then that Shaw really tried to keep me but I made the choice to change and I am a man of my word.  After the first year, many of the ‘incentives’ that TELUS provided me to switch all of a sudden disappeared.  My bill increased significantly without warning and that prompted a call to the TELUS customer service and retention department.  I strategically decided not to commit to a contract and as such, continued to have leverage.  TELUS’s retention department committed to righting the wrongs done to me and ‘creatively’ found ways to ensure I continued to get the discounts.  This lasted about nine months when in August 2012, I noticed my bill again had increased by over fifty dollars a month!  A further call to TELUS and I was advised that their audit department had negated the credits I was given as they were not permitted.  This further was exasperated as it required yet another discussion to justify why they should keep my costs what was agreed to.  The agent said that they would take care of this and my bill was credited.  This lasted about a month with the next billing period showing the problem again in September.  Well, by this time I was pretty annoyed.  A third call seemed to resolve the problem but yet again, I see that they had to be very creative in applying credits to different services in order for my bill to come out to the correct bottom line figure.  I know that this will not get by their audit department and I’m pretty much done.

I decided to conduct another market analysis and see what I could get.  Shaw has indeed closed the gap in terms of their technology offering.  In fact, they provide much higher Internet options with 50Mbps, 100Mbps and 250Mbps as choices.  I was never a huge fan of their digital TV guide or the Motorola PVRs and digital set top boxes.  They have partnered with a new technology provider for their EXO Gateway option where those deficiencies have all but disappeared.  In fact, the Shaw Gateway can record up to six HD channels and permit up to five recording being viewed simultaneously whereas the TELUS Optik service can only do three.

The power of the consumer and freedom of choice is a great thing.  I am returning to Shaw to try them again and see if indeed they are better.  I will update my experiences once I have had more of a chance to gain some more insight.

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