Back with Shaw – Was this a mistake?

In my last post, I indicated that I was going back to Shaw for my HDTV cable and Internet services.  From a financial perspective, nothing else made sense as I was saving over $70/mth and the Shaw gateway digital PVR and portal services were even more advanced than the TELUS Cisco IPTV based offering.

The Shaw technician came as agreed on Tuesday and within two hours had my new services up and running.  He was having some initial challenges with the Arris Gateway system as it was not getting the proper channel guides and the subscribed channels were not coming up properly.  This was related to incorrect software that was being loaded on the system and was resolved.  He also installed my new cable modem for my Internet services and checking the connection on that night, I was getting good results.

I initially only ordered a 20Mbps service as Shaw was having a six month special on this.  I was able to save an additional $25/mth for this six month period so I thought it would be worthwhile to initially get this speed.  It was comparable to TELUS’s 25Mbps offering as I rarely achieved more that 15Mbps in real use in my previous tests.  Getting 18.5Mbps on a 20Mbps service was resonable.

This though changed dramatically over the next few days.  My family noticed that the Internet speeds were terrible and upon further testing, my results degraded to the point of almost being unusable!

This is sub-grade results more indicative of being back in the modem connected days. and for this day and age, completely unacceptable.  Given that my intention is to upgrade eventually to 100Mbps with Shaw, I sure hope that this is not going to be the ongoing results.

The cable modem that is used for >20Mbps service is quite a bit different than the one I currently have and will be a lot less tolerant of signal degradation.  The Shaw technician is scheduled to be here this coming Wednesday to hopefully fix this problem.




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