Politics and Marketing – Apple vs. Microsoft

As I mentioned in my previous blog post, my wife and I were recently on our vacation where we found ourselves at the Bellevue Shopping Centre over the past weekend.

Now Bellevue is a relatively affluent suburb just outside of Seattle and more appropriately, just southwest of Redmond, the location of Microsoft’s worldwide headquarters and campus.

During our stroll through the mall, we came across an Apple store that was noticeably dark and had closed.

Just down the hallway a few stores away, lo and behold, what did we see?

Upon further inspection of the obviously closed Apple store, we found the following posted outside the doors.

So, going to the area that was indicated on the sign, we indeed did find a much larger and vibrant Apple store open for business.

Interesting perspective.  Apple not to be outdone by Microsoft obviously pulled the trigger to move to a much larger location once Microsoft decided to open up their store.  I don’t know this for a fact, but it’s interesting the marketing politics that go on in companies.  One last interesting tidbit.  The new Apple store overlooks the Microsoft store from the floor above.  As shoppers leave the Microsoft store, they can’t help but take notice of the Apple store.


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