Apple Wins Big! Samsung Infringes on Apple Patents – Jury Awards $1B in Damages

In what was stated to be the biggest patent trial in history, Apple has a clear win against Samsung in a California trial today.  Samsung has been ordered to pay damages of over a $1B to Apple.

There were four key findings that were announced today through the jury trial;

  1. Did Samsung copy Apple’s design patents on how the iPhone fundamentally provides the interface to the user?
  2. Did Samsung copy Apple’s trade dress patents on how the iPhone looks and is packaged leading to consumer confusion?
  3. Did Samsung know that this copying was wrong?
  4. Did Samsung willfully copy?

The overwhelming answer to all these questions was YES.

Further, when asked if Apple was guilty of violating Samsung’s utility and/or FRAND based patents such as 3G, the answer was NO.

This is a very strong message and no doubt it will be likely appealed by Samsung, but it is highly unlikely that an Appeals Court would change the verdict of the jury.  Also, the damages to date only pertain to the fact that Samsung copied Apple.  Now the judge needs to further define damages and/or a possible injunction based on Samsung’s willful intentions.

This story continues to develop.

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