Apple Release 2Q 2012 Results – How can this continue?

Apple today announced their results for the fiscal period ending 2Q 2012.  Again, they blew away analyst estimates and continued phenomenal growth.

To understand what kind of growth we are talking about, let’s check out the following charts:

Revenue – (YOY growth – 2011 vs 2010 / 2012 vs 2011)

Earnings – (YOY growth – 2011 vs 2010 / 2012 vs 2011)

Apple grew revenue at 67% year over year and earnings an average 94% year over year for the past three years.  This has contributed significantly to the bottom line and in today’s after hours trading, Apple shared rose over 7%.  There was a lot of speculation that the bubble may burst yet based on the continued trend of Apple outperforming the market expectations, this does not appear to be a short term concern.   My real question though is how long can this be sustained given that most mature technology companies do not exceed a 10% year over year growth.  With expansion clearly footed in the Asian markets, it would appear that Apple indeed has no other way to go but up.

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I’m a technology professional in the travel and transportation sector and have been very involved with the Internet for over 20 years.