Grieving loss of a loved one…

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Bailey (Nov 1999 – Feb. 17 2012)

Life is a cycle.  It begins and it ends.  Hopefully through life, there are impacts and memories made with the ones that we come into contact with so that life is not entirely forgotten.  We all understand that when someone significant in your life passes, we feel sadness and grief.  What though are we supposed to feel when that loss is a pet?

Bailey was my dog.  He came into my life in November 1999.  A curious and inquisitive puppy.  The night that I went with my sons, Chris (age 13 at the time) and Nick (age 11 at the time) to meet Bailey for the first time, we knew that he was the one.  There were two American Cocker Spaniel puppies still remaining from the litter and one curious little fellow came right up to me and looked at me with his soulful eyes and said… pick me.  Well that was it!  I was done and knew that he was the one for us.  Driving home that night was exciting and new – we were not prepared and had to stop at a pet shop to get puppy food and a bed for him.

Over the next few years, Bailey grew to be a young adult dog and was the most loving, gentle and kind companion.  He was always inquisitive and just wanted to be part of the action.  He was never more than a few steps away from us and kept a close eye on what the family was doing.  He loved going outdoors to play in the fields and to meet other dogs.  Not once did he ever fight other dogs.  Any person he came into contact with always stated how handsome he was.

In 2006, Bailey was six years old and had an accident.  My son Chris was in the habit of taking him to the auto repair shop that he used to hang around in the neighbourhood and sadly, Bailey was run over by a car.  His front leg was broken and we had to rush him to the veterinary hospital where he was mended and taken care of.  Over the next few weeks, Bailey healed and eventually had his cast removed, but he was not the same anymore.  He was not as active or able to run like he used to in the past.  As the years continued to grow on him, he became slower and problems began to develop, such as arthritis.  He was getting old and life was not as easy – yet he always remained a loving companion.  There always with us.

Sadly, we had to let go of Bailey last night, Friday February 17th, 2012.  Bailey was 12 and would have turned 13 in November.  He started to have seizures and began to show signs he was losing his mental faculties.  The life was no longer sparking in his eyes and all he wanted to do is sleep.  After further examination and consultation from his long time vet, there was strong indication he had developed a brain tumour. The recommendation was that we let him go.

I miss him.  I feel guilty and hopefully will come to terms that he is in a better place.

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