Apple Gains on Android Based on iPhone 4S Sales

Apple made significant gains on Android over the Oct / Nov 2011 period primarily based on iPhone 4S Sales according to research firm NPD.

Analysing data from last years’ smartphone market shows that iOS’s market share surged to 43 percent in October and November from the previous 3rd QTR share of 26 percent, based largely on the demand for the iPhone 4S.  The increase over the two month period represents a 17 percent increase.

Google Android on the other hand dropped from a 3rd QTR high of 60 percent to a Oct/Nov 2011 level of 47 percent, representing a 13 percent reduction.

RIM remained in third place overall, but also saw their market share drop over the same period of time by 2 percent.  RIM held a 19 percent market share in the 4th QTR of 2010 and now has only 6 percent.

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