“Siri, why do some people not understand what ‘beta’ means?”


The preliminary or testing stage of a software or hardware product; “a beta version”; “beta software”

On November 4th, Adrian Kingsley-Hughes wrote a blog article on ZDNet with the exact same title.

I have heard a number of complaints since Apple shipped the 4S with Siri.  Apple took the unusual step of releasing an innovative and amazing new service, Siri, but also clearly indicated it was ‘beta’.  Unlike Google that always releases software in a ‘beta’ state, Apple takes this very seriously.

Why does Siri sometimes not work as expected?  Because it’s beta!

Why hasn’t Apple provided explanations on why Siri is down?  Because it’s beta!

When Apple removes the ‘beta’ tag from the service, then at that time users have the right to complain and ask questions when it doesn’t work as expected.  Until then, stop complaining!

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