iPhone 4S compared to iPhone 4 – Performance on Rogers

I have been a long time iPhone user and have been on Rogers since the device made it’s debut in Canada (officially).

I thought it would be an interesting exercise to benchmark and compare the iPhone 4S against its’ predecessor, the iPhone 4 and see if indeed the 4S is able to take advantage of its’ claim to double the download speeds on Rogers HSPA+ network.  While this is not yet truly a 4G / LTE network or device, it should be noted that Rogers has begun its’ 4G / LTE service in the four major Canadian cities, namely Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal and Ottawa.

Using the standard ‘SpeedTest.Net’ service and associated iOS app, I conducted a few test benchmarks on both devices.  The results were pretty much consistent on each respective device.

The iPhone 4 produced the following results:

iPhone 4 Test

iPhone 4 Results

The iPhone 4S, in contrast produced the following results:

iPhone 4S Test

iPhone 4S Results

They were both tested within minutes of each other, as evidenced by the time shown on each iPhone.

The difference between the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 is compelling and quite interesting.  This demonstrates that indeed, the iPhone 4S does more effectively utilize 3G / HSPA+ services.

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