iPhone 4S – What this really means

I read with a lot of interest the perception and reaction from many of the analysts that follow the mobile technology industry following the announcement today of the iPhone 4S.

It amazes me that many of them are expressing disappointment and feelings of being let down.

As I have stated many times in my postings, no other company is expected to continue to innovate and revolutionize the industry as Apple is.  For many of these analysts, this comes in the form of completely new, sexy and innovative product designs.  Something tangible.  Something they can see and touch.  So, when Apple responded today with a new iPhone that for all intents and purposes, looks exactly the same as the iPhone 4, their immediate reaction is one of disappointment and shock that Apple did not introduce something special.

They are so sadly and incredibly missing the whole point.

Apple absolutely introduced an amazing and revolutionary feature at today’s event.  Siri – your personal assistant.  What most of these analysts do not get is that once this feature comes into the hands of users, it will become the most compelling and amazing distinguishing factor that separates Apple from everyone else.  This is NOT speech recognition.  This is a language aware, contextual, artificial language interface that learns as it interacts with you.  It will perform what appears to be magic to many users and will become a very natural way to interact with your phone.  You already speak to your iPhone today – why not instruct it and interact with it using your voice?

Siri will revolutionize how we interact with Apple technology and will likely find its way into other devices in the future.  I say Apple devices as I’m sure that Apple has really locked up this AI interface with a multitude of patents preventing the likes of Google and Microsoft from easily emulating what they have now accomplished.

The other factor that many are not getting is that Apple, by using the same form factor design as the iPhone 4 pretty much guarantees that the iPhone 4S will ship in volume and meet the market demands.  They will not have to retool their manufacturing plants to accommodate yet another design.  This is smart and frankly, this will show itself in the quarterly results that we will all be seeing February or March next year.

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I’m a technology professional in the travel and transportation sector and have been very involved with the Internet for over 20 years.