Amazon Launches Fire

From Kindle, comes Fire. Amazon as expected, released their latest tablet device based on the Google Android OS.

There has been much speculation that the new tablet from Amazon would be the first to successfully pose any serious threat or competition to Apple’s iPad. Over the past few weeks, details came out speculating that the new Amazon tablet would actually be a clone of the Blackberry Playbook, but would use a much slower processor, thus reducing the price to what was thought to be $249 US.

Today it was revealed. The new Amazon Fire is indeed very much like the Blackberry Playbook. It was not widely known, but RIM actually outsourced the design and construction of their Playbook so Amazon was able to capitalize on that effort in hopes of getting a product in the market. The new Fire though is lacking a few things, such as cameras.

Consensus from most of the analysts appears to now be that this is not the iPad killer but rather, serious competition for Barnes and Nobles Nook. Based on the impact this announcement has had to Barnes and Noble today, I would tend to agree.

The Amazon Fire is going to retail at $199 US. In addition, Amazon also enhanced their Kindle line today and set new pricing start at $79 US.

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