Canucks Journey to the Cup

I have been a diehard Canucks fan since I moved to Vancouver in 1990.  I have to confess that there have been two other teams that have had any significant impact on me, the Boston Bruins from the 1960’s and early 1970’s and the Edmonton Oilers from the early to mid 1980’s.

My childhood hero was none other than Bobby Orr.  I idolized him and wanted to become a NHL player and be just like him – that never happened of course as I was not anywhere near talented or committed.  After about 1977 or so, I went into a lull and didn’t watch as much hockey as I did when I was younger.  I was busy playing sports, focusing on school and growing up.  It wasn’t until a few years later, 1980 or so that I became enthralled with another player and turned to Wayne Gretzky and the Edmonton Oilers.  This lasted until the mid to late 1980’s, around the time that Wayne was traded to the Los Angeles Kings.  I was disgusted with that trade and frankly, disgusted with Peter Pocklington, not wanting to have anything more to do with him or the team.

Enter 1990.  I moved to Vancouver and was reunited with an amazing WHL player from the Medicine Hat Tigers that I used to watch play my hometown in Lethbridge during the late 1980’s – Trevor Linden.  I quickly became a fan and started to regain my love affair with the game.  It was during the 1994 run to the Cup that my love affair was absolutely solidified.  Here was a team that I could really commit to and feel that ‘hometown’ love for.  Here was a team that was going to be the Stanley Cup champions.

The 1994 Stanley Cup came and went, alas with Vancouver being eliminated in game seven of the finals.  It was a disheartening and disappointing ending to what was an amazing journey.

Enter 2011.  We have a team that has many and more of the qualities of that 1994 team.  They have the talent, grit and determination and even more so, balanced approach to playing the game.   They can score.  They can defend.  They can penalty kill.  They can fight.  This team, more so than any other Vancouver team has what is required to go all the way.

On the eve of May 24th, 2011, Vancouver is about to play game five of the semi-final series against San Jose.  They are up 3-1 for the series and can put San Jose away tonight if they win.  If they win this series, this will become only the third time in Canucks history that they advance to the Stanley Cup finals.

It’s beginning to look even more likely that they may be pitted against my boyhood team, the Bruins.  What an interesting and fun outcome.  My loyalties are clear – Vancouver all the way.  Our time has come, our time is now.

About Grant Fengstad

I’m a technology professional in the travel and transportation sector and have been very involved with the Internet for over 20 years.