Apple Updates Macbook Pro Lineup

Apple announced a complete overhaul of its’ Macbook Pro lineup, incorporating the quad-core Intel i7 processor as the standard for the 15′ and 17′ models.  The 13″ model continue to support  the dual-core Intel i5 processor, but also provides support for the fastest quad-core i7 version running at 2.7Ghz.

The graphics performance has also been upgraded with all models standardized on the Intel HD Graphics 3000 processor.  For graphic intensive requirements, the 15″ and 17″ models automatically switch to an AMD Radeon graphics processor.

The Macbook Pro is also the first computer to feature support for Intel Thunderbolt.  Thunderbolt was a collaboration between Intel and Apple which has resulted in the fastest interface ever produced for any computer to access external devices such as hard drives, monitors and other peripherals.  Thunderbolt operates at 10Gbps.

Lastly, all models now provide full HD support for the front-facing camera which permits HD video calling to other compatible Macbook Pro’s.

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