Skype Releases new version for iPhone – Supports Video

As rumoured, Skype quietly updated its iOS application to officially support video calling. The iPhone app allows you to receive and initiate video calls both on Wi-Fi and 3G, it’s compatible with iPhone 4 / iPhone 3GS and iPod touch 4th gen and, when on 3G, consumes around 3.4 MB of data per minute. Previous tests showed that Apple’s FaceTime technology also consume 3 MB per minute. Skype 3.0 also lets you call desktop users on Mac and PC and check on their computer screens (sounds useful for remote troubleshooting or networking), requires iOS 4 and supports both portrait and landscape modes.

This latest release is a huge win for Skype and is the first application that will give Apple a run for its’ money with FaceTime.  The biggest difference between the applications is that Skype requires you to login to the Skype network prior to initiating a call whereas FaceTime is an on demand service.  The benefit to Skype is that you can see whether your contacts are online and available using the traditional presence awareness features of Skype.  Skype also supports audio chat and text messaging where these features are missing from Apple’s FaceTime.

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