iTunes Ping – Another Social Network?

With the refresh of the iPod lineup, it was inevitable that Apple would also update iTunes.  What came as somewhat of a surprise, at least to me was the introduction of a new social network specifically targeted to music dubbed ‘Ping’.  Last.FM has been doing this for about eight years and was acquired by CBS Interactive in 2007.

Apple has claimed that over 1 million iTunes users have subscribed to Ping in 48 hours.  I as well took the opportunity to join as soon as iTunes 10 was released and frankly to my way of thinking, it is still a work in progress.

The things that Apple needs to do in my opinion to make this successful;

  • fully integrate to other social networks such as Facebook and Twitter
  • permit users an easy way to find other Ping users using address books, Facebook, Yahoo and other major services
  • permit users to access iTunes Ping using a browser rather than iTunes directly  – this ties into the concept of creating a ‘cloud-based’ iTunes service

I remain skeptical but will continue to watch and monitor Ping.

About Grant Fengstad

I’m a technology professional in the travel and transportation sector and have been very involved with the Internet for over 20 years.