Global National: Why Did They Change their Anchor?

Let me first state that some of the stupidest things really, really bug me.  Things like watching drivers continuously not know which lane they are supposed to enter when they make turns at intersections.  Well, something that falls into this category is the recent change by Global National News.

I used to always watch CTV National News and made the change after Kevin Newman was brought to Global in 2001 as the new anchor.  Kevin Newman had this unique capability of reporting on the news but having an empathetic and easy way about him.  At least in my case, he had a way of generating a ‘trust’ relationship.  I liked his style.  I trusted him.

Earlier this year, Global National announced that Kevin would be retiring.  Retiring?  He is only 51 years old!  Who am I to say when a person should retire but clearly, there were many, many great years of producing news reports and special exposes that would have continued to garner awards for Global.  Clearly in my mind, Kevin was and is in his prime when it comes to his profession.  The great Walter Cronkite who was referred to by his American audience as ‘the most trusted man in America’ was in the industry for 74 years!  Kevin by comparison has only been working in the industry for 29 years.

Maybe Kevin had enough and felt that he had contributed all he could.  Again, I am not in any position to know the specifics that lead to his decision to retire.  All I know is that I am not impressed at all by the new anchor named by Global National in July, Dawna Friesen.  It’s not personal.  I just don’t feel any connection or trust when she is at the desk and talking to the nation.  For me, I am returning to CTV and Lloyd Robinson.  Lloyd is Canada’s Walter Cronkite and for me, the one that I want to turn to for the issues that matter.

About Grant Fengstad

I’m a technology professional in the travel and transportation sector and have been very involved with the Internet for over 20 years.