Summer Vacation in Romania

Peles Castle

Peleş Castle

Romania is a country rich in history and tradition. There is so much to see and experience for those that are willing to take the time and invest in discovering this country.

We were here in 2008 for two weeks and spent most of our time at my inlaws in Târgu Jiu (or Tîrgu Jiu as it is also known). This city, the capital of the district Gorj, has approximately 96,000 residents as per the 2002 census. Its’ most famous resident was Constantin Brâncuşi, a world renowned artist with many precious sculptures in the worlds museums. Targu Jiu has a number of his pieces within the city limits including The Endless Column and The Gate of Kiss.

The Endless Column

During that same visit, we traveled North to the city of Sighişoara. This is a very old city with the distinction of being the residence of Vlad the Impaler or Dracula as he is known in modern folklore.

We came back to Romania during the summer of 2010. Our travels took us to the Carpathian mountains in the northern region of the country. We spent five fantastic days and visited many regions and historic tourist destinations.

Our first day had us visiting Bran Castle, located in this historic town of Bran near the city of Braşov.

Bran Castle

Bran Castle

Bran Castle is also known as Dracula Castle and is the site that was referenced in the legend created by Bram Stoker.

The next day took us to the city of Braşov, a beautiful city of Germanic origins when it was originally known as Corona. This city is vibrant and incredibly rich in architecture. It is absolutely indicative of a European city rich with history. Amazingly compared to other Romanian cities, Braşov was virtually untouched and changed during the Communist occupation. We also visited the historic Biserica Neagră, or Black Church as it is more commonly known in English.

The next day took us to visit Peleş Castle, located in the Carpathian mountains near Sinaia. Although referred to as a castle, it is really a palace. Peleş Castle was the summer residence of King Carol I of the Romanians. The palace remains the property of the royal family but the Romanian government paid for the right to open it as a historic tourist site and has up to 500,000 visitors each year. Be prepared though to pay for the privilege of touring this site. Each adult fare is 50 RON with a 32 RON surcharge if you want to take pictures.

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