Me a Football (Soccer) fan? Who would have thought?

Well, it is over.  Spain has defeated the Nederlands to become the 2010 World Cup champion.

I have to confess, I was not much of a football fan before this year.  I played the game of course in high school but was never serious, or good enough to even want to focus on it.  Being raised in Western Canada, I found that my sports were primarily hockey and basketball.  Basketball because I at one point in my life actually could play the game quite well and hockey, well, you can’t be Canadian and not be a hockey fan.

My wife Michaela on the other hand grew up with Football as her sport.  She is absolutely passionate about the game, as is my son Mihai.  I found myself drawn into the excitement of the game as the World Cup neared.  I watched each and every match leading up the the finals and thoroughly enjoyed myself.

I saw first hand the skill and finesse of the game from the best players and teams in the world.  I’m a fan now.  When is the next World Cup?  2014?  That’s just not right!

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I’m a technology professional in the travel and transportation sector and have been very involved with the Internet for over 20 years.