GM Place to become Rogers Arena

Rogers Communications have won both the marketing and telecommunications rights at what Vancouverites have known since it’s opening in 1995 as GM Place.  This signifies a significant change as General Motors will now be relegated to marketing its’ brand inside the building while Rogers get prime real estate on the outside, including a renaming of the building to Rogers Arena.

Already there are critics coming out of the word works complaining that a Toronto headquartered company has beat TELUS in their own backyard for bragging rights.  TELUS has every opportunity to win this right and obviously either chose not to be as competitive or felt it did not enhance their marketing position.  There is even further criticism bringing up the East vs. West debate and how could the Canucks franchise let a Toronto company take over the building.  Where do you think General Motors is from?  Certainly not Vancouver and certainly not Canada.

Those same critics are silent on the fact that Rogers Communications President and CEO, Nadir Mohamed is a UBC graduate and was a local resident in Vancouver for years.

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