TELUS Optik – First Impressions

Well, as I stated in a previous post, I am changing service providers.  Based on what seemed to be a very favourable bundle price from TELUS and a lack of interest in my current service provider to match, I booked the installation date with TELUS last Saturday.  This was a big decision for me.  I was a loyal Shaw customer and despite only recalling three major service interruptions in about ten years, any opportunity to save money can not be ignored.

I was very surprised on the Friday prior to the installation date to receive a call from TELUS, albeit an automated call from their customer voice response unit asking me to confirm my appointment.  The instructions were clear and simple.  Within 30 seconds my appointment had been confirmed for Saturday between 0800 and 1000.

The TELUS technician called around 0815 Saturday morning and advised that he had to ensure the service was properly connected to the correct port and once confirmed, he would be arriving at my residence.  This proved to take longer than he originally expected, but he kept us informed and arrived onsite at around 1015.

He was conscientious and pleasant.  He questioned me a number of times asking if I had ever worked for TELUS as I seemed to be more knowledgable in his area of expertise than he was used to.  I assured him I have not but that I did have some background in telecommunications and networking.

The service was activated and tested by 1200 successfully.

I am on day three of using the service.  The Internet service is better than Shaw with speed tests showing a very positive, consistent rate of 23 to 25Mbps download and 1 to 1.3Mbps upload.  This is on a subscribed rate of 15Mbps!  I was generally averaging 12 to 14Mbps on Shaw.

The TELUS Optic TV service is quite literally amazing!  The Cisco Systems based PVR and Digital boxes are much more aesthetically pleasing than the comparable HD tuners from Shaw.  Surfing the channel guide, watching and pausing live TV and recording shows is very intuitive and responsive.  My wife was sold within the first thirty minutes.

First impressions always remain to be the most important.  If TELUS can continue on this path and provide the kind of service that I have received, I predict that they have a winner.

About Grant Fengstad

I’m a technology professional in the travel and transportation sector and have been very involved with the Internet for over 20 years.