Apple WWDC 2010 – What will be announced?

Well it is a forgone conclusion that Steve Jobs will introduce the new iPhone HD (or whatever it will be called) on June 7th 2010, there are rumours of many additional product announcements.

Steve Jobs was quoted as saying ‘You won’t be disappointed’ for his keynote address.  Some of the candidate updates or product announcements include;

  • Macbook Pro updates
  • Macbook Air updates
  • A cloud-based iTunes service using the domain
  • A new, cloud-centric AppleTV that will only cost $99

It was also rumoured that Microsoft’s Steve Balmer would be a guest, but that has since been confirmed not to be true.  Given that Apple has recently unseated Microsoft as the most valuable computer company on the planet, I can see how this may not be a position that Microsoft would want to endorse.

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