Too Young to Die

I am sitting here feeling somewhat numb and perplexed. My wife Michaela received very upsetting news from one of her closest friends on Saturday. Turns out that her friends’ twenty six year old son died earlier in the week from a drug overdose.

I never had the pleasure of meeting Raymond. I met his mother tonight for the first time. When you see the grief and pain that she is in, you can only wonder why a son would do such a thing. Yes, Raymond has been battling his own internal demons for years and yes, Raymond obviously was needing help. This situation though wasn’t about a mother that abandoned her son or didn’t care. Even though they lived far apart, they talked twice a day on the phone, sometimes for hours. She loved him deeply and he truly loved her. She travelled sometimes twice a year or more to visit him and spend extended vacation time together. No matter how much though that love was there, he was lost in the lifestyle of living hard and having his dependancies on drugs.

Raymond didn’t expect to die. Raymond didn’t want to die. This was truly a result of something going too far and not being able to get back. Now my attention and concern can only turn to the ones that needs it most… my wife and of course, her friend. Oh, and lastly to thank God that my sons are not facing the same kinds of demons that must have been truly hell for this young man.

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