Canada vs. USA – the sum of their parts

After watching the first two period of the Canada / USA round tonight in Men’s hockey, it occurs to me that we have some major problems that we need to recognize and address.

In any sport, a team is comprised of talented athletes that work together, in synergy, as a team.  A team is more than the sum of it’s parts and can not be made a team by bringing together a bunch of hotshot egos.

With that said, let me state that I was never a believer that Brodeur should have been the starter tonight.  Brodeur has lost this game for Canada, sadly as he has to showboat and show the world how adept he is at stickhandling the puck.  This is not a regulation NHL game where you have many games to get your act together.  This is round robin, elimination style, win or lose Hockey and is certainly not the place to show off.  Brodeur has easily let in three goals that frankly, Luongo would never have let by him.

If team Canada ends up being eliminated, we have a lot of soul searching to do.  Team USA on the other hand was not highly regarded coming into this series, given the relative young age and lack of “star power” they brought forward.  I will say this though.  Team USA is playing like a team and Ryan Miller is playing as an Olympic level goalie should play.  With courage, talent, intelligence and making the kind of saves that makes the difference.

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