Canada vs Russia – Redemption

In my previous blog post, I was feeling despair and concern.  The outcome of the Canada vs USA game was so disappointing, and specifically how Brodeur played garnered most of my criticism.

Thankfully saner minds prevailed and the call was made to pull Brodeur in favour of Luongo.  Well, team Canada has arrived and I’m happy to report, is alive and well.

Luongo was on his game and delivered a good performance.  Even more important though was I finally saw the team come together as a team.  Canada’s offence in the first two periods was amazing!  They put the Russians on their heels immediately and pummelled them through two periods, only letting off somewhat during the last ten minutes of the third period with a 7-3 lead.

Now with the next opponent being team Slovakia, they can not become complacent.  This team, in my opinion, is the dark horse of this whole Olympic hockey tournament.  They beat Russia and last night, they beat team Sweden.  The are not going to be easily defeated so Canada has to show up and play the way they can play.

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