Impressions on the Apple iPad

Can you spell ‘hype’?  I can.  It seems as though the world now expects Apple to single handedly save the technology industry and continue to be the innovator.

So much hype has surrounded the launch of the iPad that it has become almost impossible to live up to the speculation or surmounting expectations.

I, as many, watched the announcement of the iPad live on Wednesday morning.  I chose not to write about until after I had the opportunity to sleep on it and digest what this really means.

There are essentially two schools of thought:

1.  The first camp is clearly in the disappointed arena – they are disappointed with the name, lack of features or additional components such as camera or some unique, new capability.  This is the group where clearly you can never meet their expectations.

2.  The other camp is in the “Jobs can do no wrong” camp – while this may be overstated, there are indeed those that believe Jobs can not only save the computer industry, music industry and now the publishing industry but that he should also run for President.

Come on folks… it’s a computer!  It’s designed to more easily bring the things that you love to you and present them in a way that is natural, intuitive and easy.  Of course it looks like an iPod on steriods.  Why wouldn’t Apple capitalize on releasing a device that works the same way as the iPhone of iPhone Touch?  This provides a new device where clearly the multitouch capabilities and resulting user experience indeed provide what Steve Jobs claims – a better way to surf the Internet, a better way to watch movies while on a flight and a better way to read books or magazines.  This device does not claim to do all – it just claims to do the things you love to do more intuitively and to provide a better experience.

For my money, I am betting on this being a major success.  Based on my experience, I’ll probably wait for the next generation but clearly, this is indeed a new category of device that over time, will be proven to be a very large success.

About Grant Fengstad

I’m a technology professional in the travel and transportation sector and have been very involved with the Internet for over 20 years.