RIM Experiences Yet Another Blackberry Outage

It was reported tonight that there is an outage of services affecting North America based Blackberry users.

To my recollection, this is about the fifth major outage event affecting Blackberry users in about as many years.  To my thinking, this really exposes a fundamental architecture and design flaw of Blackberry.  The achilles heel?  All communications intended for Blackberry devices must transverse the RIM networks and data centres.  This puts, simplistically, a single point of failure into the design and adds complication layers that frankly just aren’t necessary.

This is why Blackberry does not scale!  You can not continue to add infrastructure and services in any central facility and hope to keep up with the overall growth and user demand.  This is were other models such as Federation or simplified, direct access models make much more sense.

On a side note… I continue to receive without any delays or errors all my emails from my Microsoft Exchange based environment to my Apple iPhone, which subscribes to the “simplify” model and uses ActiveSync as the communication method.  This provides a direct connection from your organizations enterprise to your mobile devices.

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