New Years Resolutions…

Given that it is nearing that time of the year, now comes the time that I have historically dreaded. Seems that everyone is supposed to have their ‘obligatory’ new years resolutions. Fix the things that they don’t like about themselves and bring upon improvements or focus to their lives.  I for one have tended to not have resolutions and for good reasons.

I have seen so many people make these promises to themselves, you know the one’s.  I promise to quit smoking, I promise to drink less, I promise to spend more time with my family, etc. etc. etc.  What bothers me is that a large percentage of these people making these promises have no intention to come through.  They are just bland words to appease the one’s that love them.  When I make a promise, I do so with the intent of committing myself to see to it’s successful completion.  That is why I have strayed from making these resolutions – they are serious and should be taken as such.

In reflection for this year I am truly blessed!  I have an amazing family!  My wife is an amazing woman and has brought so much light and joy to my life – what more could I possibly want?  Well, the only honest answer is to live my life as long and as healthy as I possibly could so that we can continue to enjoy our lives together.  In that perspective then, my only honest resolution is to get back to the gym and become active again.  Lose a few pounds and do whatever I can to ensure my heart, cholesterol levels and other important factors remain normal and within healthy ranges.

I am getting older, no question about that.  The body aches more and does not move as quickly as it once did.  Maybe though, with the proper attention I can gain back to an acceptable level a condition that I was once very proud of.  I keep pictures that reflect these times of my life, back to the days when I was very active in Tae Kwon Do, teaching and competing at the national level.  While I may not become as flexible as this picture shows, I do know that I will get back to a condition that I will be very proud of.

About Grant Fengstad

I’m a technology professional in the travel and transportation sector and have been very involved with the Internet for over 20 years.