Summers in Steveston

Copyright (c) Grant Fengstad

Copyright (c) Grant Fengstad

It is indeed a blessing to live in such an amazing and beautiful part of the world.  We often take an evening stroll along the south arm of the Fraser River on Lulu Island, also known as the home of Richmond, British Columbia.  This area in Richmond was historically a fishing village and in the late 1800’s was a thriving mecca.  It more recently has become a fantastic place to live and to raise a family.

The village is a huge tourist attraction over summer but for us locals, it is a great place to meet with friends for lunch, coffee or drinks.  There are a number of restaurants, some good and some not so much within the village.  We are loving the summer and looking forward to each adventure.

One adventure that we’ve never experienced out of Steveston is the whale watching tours.  There are a number of operators that provide a variety of boats.  One day maybe we’ll have to go out and make our acquaintances with our orca neighbors.

Days are indeed wonderful here.  Life is good.

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